Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking to a Full Snow Moon

Tonight is the Full Snow Moon.  It should be visible here.  I'll be in the studio when it comes up.  I will go to see it, though, later, after it is higher in the sky.

This morning I read on Colin Pantall's blog some photographers' responses to a query he sent:  What is your definition of success.  He meant as a photographer, of course.  Here are links to Part I and Part II if you are interested.  I was in a skeptical way, but I felt better after reading them.  I never feel like a success, but I am in love with the images I have gotten for my project.  I am astounded at times and don't feel as if they are something I've done.  I have some framed 32"x26" prints that, with the matting and the frames, seem pretty gigantic.  When I look at them, I am struck with envy and think I'll never do such lovely work again.  Is it positive or negative to love one's work?  I know it is dangerous.

I never think about the people who see my work online unless they contact me.  The "Lonesomeville" show over at 591 has been very popular.  More people have viewed it than any other exhibition, I think.  But it doesn't feel like it.  I mean, I have no experience of that.  When the viewers do not contact me, it is simply as if the work has been ignored.  Still, I love the work.  I'm glad to read that other photographers feel much the same about their own.

I know artists who sell a lot of work.  They make a living at it.  And to do that, they begin to pander to the market.  They make what sells.  And eventually, when it doesn't, they are at a loss.  Some have simply quit.  I don't imagine selling my work, though I wish I had a matron or a patron to keep me going.  I have been given a few contacts to galleries, but I have been too shy to send them any work.  I don't mind feeling ignored, exactly, but I absolutely can't stand rejection.

Which is why I've never asked anyone out on a date.  But that is another story.  And one that I will tell soon, I'm sure, as I spend weekend after weekend alone now.

But tonight is the Full Moon and anything might happen.

Or not.

*     *     *     *     *

YIKES!  Just after I posted this, I went to check on my visitor statistics, and my visitations had QUADRUPLED.  And guess what I felt?  Success!  Funny, huh?  It must be the full moon.  


Rhonda said...

When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice - Robert Frank

Continued success, CS!

cafe selavy said...

Yup. Me and Robert Frank.

Sincerely, thanks for all you've done. Much, much love.