Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am experimenting with layouts and design while I post these first photos and hoping that all of this doesn't end up looking to awful.

I took these first photographs in Bejing. I went to China with images in mind shaped by old movies and photographs and novels. In Bejing, those images are not in the foreground. These photographs do not accurately represent what I saw in Bejing. I had to search for and create the images I post here. I was with a tour group, so I had little time for searching, but at every opportunity I would rush down an alleyway or sidestreet with my camera. Once in a while, I would find something that interested me. Most of the Bejing we saw was the New China which is replacing the old at a brutal pace. But I am far from knowledgable about such things and will try to limit my comments to what I actually sensed while I was there.

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