Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Old Lost Photos

I was in college, a zoology major taking photography courses with great teachers, great innovators. It was Valhalla. When I first saw Weston's photography, I went crazy. I read the Daybooks from cover to cover to cover. Later is was Arbus and Les Krim's absurd photos, then Franks. I was mad for it all.

My girlfriend was skinny and sweet. She was the sort who took presents to the children's hospital without telling anyone. We rented garden plots from the university and grew tremendous amounts of vegetables. Naively beautiful. We posed before the camera lens. It is all lost, all gone but for a few torn and broken proofsheets. Clouded by time, seen through a veil. She has lived well, I think. I travelled more corrupted streets, sought more perverted dreams. It is American history, desire and the lost Eden.

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