Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stymied Redux

My attempt.


  1. This image is wonderful. I want everyone to see it.


  2. Look. Q!

    I agree though. I always liked these Boy photos.

    Morning - Baby.

    Whatcha doing? Are you up?

    I didn't write last night. Now I have two to tackle today.

    A poem thought just came over me. I guess I gotta go explore it.

    I wish --- I wish --- I wish. I feel such softness for you this morning. like I just want to brush your hair from your face and hold it between my hands - your face - and tell you simply - you are something special and kiss your eyes. Nothing this morning but pure acknowledgment and honeyed acceptance. Prolly make you breakfast after you did all your morning things.

    Sigh - Big one. I gotta snap out of it, right? But it is also good for me to have a place to put all these feelings - here.

    Where it is safe and quiet. I don't care if I embarrass myself in front of you. :).

    I need to fast today. We ate a lot of good food this weekend never mind the drink. Lemon water all day. And some bad food too. Fried seafood.

    Let me go see if I can write. It is going to be a dumb love poem. They all are.