Monday, March 24, 2008

Over Now

It's all over now, I think: the equinox, the full moon, Mohamed's birthday, the resurrection of Christ, snowstorms and floods.  I looked to the animals alright.  My cat would not leave me until the sun came out and the gentle breezes blew.  I saw an osprey dive completely into the water, struggle below, and come up with a very large bass.  I saw a bald eagle chase and harass him until he dropped that fish; he caught it mid-air.  I watched a twelve foot alligator drift toward me where I sat at the end of a dock.  I lifted my legs back over the edge.  I worked hard and spread eighteen yards of cypress mulch over three large driveways.  At night, I ate and drank alone.  I read until I fell asleep.  

Perhaps now some peace will come.  Maybe I will regain some creativity.  If not, though, I will keep working.  Sometimes, it is all we have.  


  1. Hi,

    Next time please use a sustainable mulch instead of cypress mulch. Cypress mulch is not a by-product. They are clearing our swamps and coastal forests just to make mulch and the stuff ain't gonna grow back!

    Read this: Mother Jones
    Visit this: Save Our Cypress Coalition

  2. Damn right, Jeffery. I'm with you all the way. I live in a swampy, southern climate where termites are disasterous. My house was built in 1926, so it is wooden--old for where I live, and I was told that only the only mulch that I could use that would not attract the little fuckers was cypress. Soon, I will get rid of mulch driveways altogether, but I have to build my addition first or the city won't let me. What should I use until then?

    Great to have you reading this. I always wonder who does. I will try harder, and thanks.