Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Like It That Way

This is an old photo booth print I found in a shoe box the other day from 1978 or so. Good times. Looking through old things makes me want to tell stories. I must do some scanning. I am afraid, though, of becoming nostalgic. I hate nostalgia, the rosy, maudlin view of the past. This girl was very bad for me, but I enjoyed it incredibly. At first. After a time, there was only the addiction, the reduced pleasures, the recognition.

As one song goes (I can't remember the artist right now)

Fool me once, that's OK.
Fool me twice, I like it that way.

I began my "Cafe Life" with this girl, spending the hours eating, talking, drinking in beautiful places. That is what remains.

For me, that is. I can't speak for her. She left me for a man with money, as they say.