Saturday, May 10, 2008

Freedom and Loneliness

"Man, I don't know if I should have quit drinking. I'm not losing any weight. And I broke up with my girl," he whined.

"It takes time," I offered. "Everything does."

"I guess. I mean, its OK and all. Yesterday, I went to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. It was a real hippie affair, you know, all yellow and orange and green with this colorful tent-like material hanging from the ceiling. I had some tonic--that's what they called it--and some humus and vegetables and crackers. I sat there and read and wrote and I thought, 'I can do anything I like.' It was so good, I went back that night."

"Who'd you go with?"

"Nobody. I went by myself."

"Yea. That's alright. It's good to have your freedom."

As he walked away, I noticed he looked heavier than before.


  1. Bill, I enjoy reading your stories and I like your images too. You should write a book or two or three.

  2. I'm learning. And I'm still waiting for your Spring photo/story.

  3. I'm collecting material. I asked my son (who is going to study history of litterature) if he could write a spring story for me. He looked terrified and said "in English?". He thinks that I am better at it so I promised to help him translate. "We could run it through an electronic automatic translator like Babelfish" I said.

    A good laugh is always welcome.