Monday, February 2, 2015

Ground Hog Day

I think everything has been said about last night's National Mania.  I am tempted to add my thoughts, but to what end, really?  I guess I can say now that I have heard a Katy Perry song.  It seems the sort of music that schmaltzy kids make up in the shower, but hey. . . that's America.  The Great Distraction. 

A friend came over.  It was a good game, I thought.  Slant right, slant right, slant right. . . I think.  I don't remember the Patriots running more than five plays left and only a couple of down and outs.  You can't cover a slant right well with man to man coverage.  Maybe people have said this already, but nowhere I've heard or read.  Patriots loved them some slant right.  Football 101. 

That was about me, not the game.  I'm not going to write about the game.  I'll let Happy Lisa do that. 

Today is Ground Hog Day.  I don't know what time they bring Phil out of his cage, but that may have happened already.  Since I was a kid, this practice has seemed to me too weird to countenance.  It is like celebrating some witches coven and their magic brew. . . eye of a newt, etc.  But I understand.  It is simply science, and we are a nation obsessed with science, STEM programs, etc.  That is where the big bucks lay.  I think I'll get me a magic duck that can predict the movement of stock prices.  I'll shop him around the barrios on the outskirts of town.  I'll probably need a few. 

I'm learning much about America again lately, and it ain't good.  There are WAY too many poor people, and they ain't so goddamned patriotic.  Poor people are not in love with the nation.  The rich are fucking up completely.  You can't keep everything for yourself because sooner or later, people are just gonna take it.  It makes me very sad to see the lives that poor people are forced to lead. And it scares me. 

Yesterday Q wrote to tell me his father passed away.  No matter what, the passing of a father changes a man.  There is no figuring anything out.  There is just an internal shifting.  Let me know if you need anything my friend.  Peace.

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