Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweet Spot

Daylight returns once again, more of it every day.  It is noticeable now.  We will soon be rid of winter.  I am taking off this next week.  I thought to go on a road trip, but most of you are still having bad weather, so I've decided to stay at home and relax.  Why would I leave the good weather for the bad? I will mulch my big driveway and put more granite down in the others.  I will do yard work and spray chemicals--fertilizer, bug and weed killers.  I will take long walks and lie in the sun.  I will update my wardrobe and maybe hang some new art.  I will see if I still have friends.  I may even take a camera to some other town where I am not well-known and try to ply my considerable talents there.  

The goodness of the massage still lingers, and now, this being my last day of work for a while, I am feeling relaxed in a way that I haven't for a long while.  I do not realize how much I worry.  No that is not true.  Yes, I do.  I know I worry all the time, and I know about which things I worry, too.  I just do not realize what it feels like to quit it.  I will quit it if only for awhile.  There are fresh kale, ginger, and apple drinks in my very near future.  

I shall read as well.  Let me not forget that.  And take very long walks, too.  Maybe I'll buy a new bike.  Or a motorcycle.  

Oh, it is easy to get carried away.  

I should not lay out too ambitious a plan.  Mostly I will sleep and sit and do nothing, I am sure.  I will do much of nothing.  Perhaps I will open my mail.  

The world can be a lousy and terrible place.  I hope that it won't be for the next little bit.  I will try to live in the sweet spot where fairy tales come true.  

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