Friday, April 3, 2015

When I Get the Blues

I am miserable in every way today.  I will not go to work.  Having a breakdown, I think, based upon an impending crisis.  One day life is beautiful, then they blow up your house and you think, "Why me?"  But Christopher Hitchens had it right when he asked, "Why not me?"  There is no escaping the world and its conditions. 

Is there? 

I will if you know a way. 

Hands that tremble, feet that won't be still, shaking and bobbing like a crack addict, chewing my lips, eyes unfocussed. 

Put ten people in a room.  For each of them, toss the coin ten times and have them call it.  Some will get it right seven times, some three.  Do it again and again.  You'll see.  Some people are lucky, others aren't.  Who do you think takes losing the hardest? 

But as my friend says, you don't know what will happen.  I am a genetic worrier, though, and an imaginative thinker. 

I am awful when I get the blues.

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