Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Will. . . .

Saturday. . . light. . . weather. . . music. . . cat. . . .

I'm changing my life today, somehow. . . I don't know how, exactly, but somehow.  I'll quit drinking whiskey at home for sure.  Oh, I say that. . . help me. . . suddenly I want to be young and live.  All the irreversible processes. . . etc.  I'm going to quit lifting heavy weights for the rest of the summer.  Last night in bed, I could barely lift a pillow from the prone position without giving a hurtful moan.  I will walk more, bike, do calisthenics.  I will drink wheat grass and many strange concoctions, herbal teas, things with ginger.  I will eat avocados and red peppers every day as I was instructed.  It will make my skin like a baby's, I have been told.  I will stretch and move.  Movement all the time.  What else?  What else goes into this useless list? 

I will travel.  Today I will visit a spring I have never heard of.  I will make photographs of plants, flowers and vegetables.  I will look for beautiful old glass to hold them.  I will clean my kitchen thoroughly today and begin to organize my office.  I will order the mulch I need for the driveway.  Yes, I will do manual labor and learn to use tools to do my own carpentry. 

I will not sit at this computer so long every morning. 

I will be conscious and aware so that I may collect information for writing. 

Blah, blah, blah. . . is it just the spring? 

If I told you what I really want to do, you would call the police.  But it is what I really want to do. 

Ommmmm. . . .

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