Friday, May 15, 2015

Pleased as Punch

This photo looks like a Tamara de Lempicka painting to me.  I am "pleased as punch" as Hubert Humphrey used to say. 

I wonder what that means?

I have much to do before I leave for the west.  I must find someone to care for my cat.  I must. . . oh, there is not that much to do.  I've just become a worried old man, that is all.  I need to let go and get excited.  I am.  I am excited. 

Slava Pirsky's print of his daughter Alex came yesterday.  It is beautiful.  I will take it to the framers today.  I want more of his pictures, but I know I cannot ask.  I want a series.  Actually, I want to make my own.  I'd be very good at it, I think. 

I'll try to find a family on Craig's List.  Hmmm. . . .

Short entry today, but wonderful pic.  I have drama to attend to.

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