Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Getting Back

O.K.  I think my mania for the digital Leica has passed.  I am very impressionable.  I read this review today and now I want this instead.  I don't know what I was thinking before. 

The world's a jumble.  I'm a mess. 

A long weekend lies ahead.  I am off Thursday through Sunday--four days.  It makes me anxious and then depressed.  I have nothing planned.  I need to buy a birthday gift and haven't a clue what to get.  I am a terrible gift-giver.  It is not that I don't like to give them, I just never know what I should buy.  It shouldn't be so hard, but the expectations are high, I assume.  These would be great, but I can't afford to give them.  I love them, though.  So. . . then what?  A toaster?  A juicer?  And what do I do to make the day special?  Sea World?  Disney?  I'm an idiot at these things. 

And then there is the 4th and all the patriotic gore.  I hate that day, too.  I dislike fireworks and planned mass celebrations.  Except for Christmas (even though it brings me deep depression).  I would avoid every group holiday if I could.  The 4th is always sticky and hot here.  And I'm not a fan of patriotic bunting.  Nor flags.  Jesus. . . I should have planned to get away. 

In actuality, I tried.  It looked for a moment like a stay in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.  Before that, it would have been a weekend in a secluded fishing village on the Gulf.  Oh, well.  There is no one to watch the cat, anyway. 

The Full Buck Moon is just ahead, too, and summer full moons usually drive me mad.  Oh, is there never any rest?  I want an easy plateau. . . etc. 

Q called in the middle of this.  There is no getting back to it now.  And so. . . the end.

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