Saturday, June 27, 2015

Uncourtly Jester


I don't think I'm allowed to say anything.  I don't think I'm allowed to make fun.  Of course I can ridicule Scalia who is the fun bag of the Supreme Court.  I can make fun of the conservative republican hopefuls who are forced into political harakiri by "the base."  I can even make fun of Puff Daddy Q who has many opinions on the subject of marriage as you can read daily on his blog.  But I can't jest about the other which drives me crazy for I love to jest.  I am a jester if nothing else.  An uncourtly one, I'll admit.  And I'll admit, too, that I could never compete with Scalia, nor maybe the Court Mime, Thomas, either.  

I wonder if it is fun to be on the Supreme Court.  It seems as if it might be.  You have a houseful of clerks to do the research, to offer suggestions, all bright lawyers, all capable of great and wonderful things.  Then you get to piece together and choose the best of it as you see fit, the best opinions and rulings.  No doubt it is a lot of work, but you get to put your name on the final product.  

I want some clerks to help me with my blog.  They could research every morning what is out there, bring it to me so that I may choose.  They could offer me language and phrasing and could read the final product before I took it public.  

I read the Constitution last night.  My friend had it in her purse.  You think I kid?  I was challenging her to know something we all should know but don't.  The Bill of Rights.  And so we read it over a lovely outdoors dinner of steak and potatoes and asparagus and wine.  Everybody knows the first two amendments, of course.  But then. . . memory becomes vague.  Suddenly some of the Seven Deadly Sins seem to be in there and maybe even a Commandment or two.  Read the Bill of Rights if you need to refresh your memory.  I want to know if you are over- or under-whelmed.  My favorite amendment is the one that says that the government can't force you to put up soldiers in your home.  No siree.  Can't.  Unconstitutional.  Nobody ever challenges that one.  Some of the others, though, are like See No Evil, Hear None, Speak None.  Of course I am thinking of the Right to Privacy.  It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is, or rather "Evil."  

I didn't read further than the Bill of Rights last night.  Is Title Nine an amendment?  I don't think I am allowed to jest about that one, either.  My team is weird about that.  There is a fine line to walk on that side.  It is because we are not a team at all, really, just an association of left outs and misfits.  Just look at the transgender, transsexual, lesbian, feminist argument.  Oh, those girls can't agree.  


There are many things to celebrate this week.  I am in favor of them.  I just have a difficult time with sacred cows.  They always make the best hamburger, you know. 

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