Sunday, June 14, 2015

Working Troll

Home and two days at the factory.  Now the first weekend.  Yesterday, I did nothing.  I drank too much alone the night before, I believe, and did not go to bed until after one.  I woke up early in the morning lying sideways across the bed.  I don't think I've ever done that before.  My head was pointing south.  When I got up, the world was askew (or I was), and I never really got going.  But I don't think it was the booze.  It was something else.  It could be an emotional letdown, I don't know.   bumped around the house trying to get things done.  I unpacked and put my clothes away.  I downloaded Atavist and ran virus checks on two laptops and my iMac because they were acting very sluggish.  Turns out I had downloaded something that put viruses on them.  That took most of the morning, but the computers are acting normal-ish now (one of them, the newest one, suddenly won't turn on without being plugged in and says it needs a new battery).  I went to the studio to service the printer.  I had left the artist in the studio behind me in charge of running a nozzle check every couple days while I was gone.  He called and said that on the last day the light cyan had shown up clogged.  I gave it a cleaning a printed a picture, though, and everything was fine.  Then I went to the gym and lay in the sun a bit.  All this time, I was drinking water, more than I normally drink in a few days figuring that might be the problem.  I had no breakfast or lunch, so I made a protein drink in the blender after that gym.  Took a shower.  Lay down.  Went to sleep.  I woke in the late afternoon and worked on some pictures that I owe some women since before I went on vacation.  The day had been silent.  No emails, no phone calls, no texts.  Oh, I thought in despair, I am back into the old solitary rut.  There was no place to go, nothing to do.  I thought to call my mother.  My cousin had come into town to spend the weekend with her.  Did I want to come to dinner?  O.K.  What else did I have to do.  A quick vodka and then a bland dinner with mother.  I was not good company, I think.  Blah, blah, blah.  I went home.  Poured a scotch, watched t.v. got up and cooked up a few more pictures.  Eleven.  I thought I had better go to bed. 

Maybe it is just a virus. 

*    *     *     *     *

I have been scanning film but that is all.  I have not turned them into finished images yet.  I am once again a working troll.  I have had these posts stored up, but now I am running out and will have to produce them live once again.  I have liked the time lag, this living in the past, so to speak.  It was nice not to have any pressure to produce any thing at all.  But I will return to live tales in mere days.  I think.  We shall see.  

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