Thursday, July 9, 2015

Good News

The repairman came this morning.  There is no leaking pipe, so I don't have an emergency.  I still have to get it fixed, but I have options on how to do that.  A big weight, etc.  I am better for awhile. 

I began reading Osborne's book last night.  I wish I could have been his editor on this one.  Oh. . . you laugh if you are a reader of the blog knowing how many errors I make in a single, short entry.  Well these are not edited, and besides, self-editing is the most difficult thing.  That is why they have editors.  There are little things, a repeated word, too many object laden phrases in a row. . . little things, small improvements that would make a big difference.  It feels a bit rushed, the writing.  But I am barely in.  Maybe he'll hit his stride. 

I took my friend to a sushi dinner last night for watching my cat while I was in New Mexico.  I have known him for at least twenty-five years, maybe more.  He's a great and compassionate man and can hold up his end of a conversation as well as anyone I know.  So three of us ate and drank and talked into the night served by one of the prettiest women in town.  I don't think everyone would agree with me on that, but I am sure I am right even if (or maybe because) she looks a bit like a doll, something crafted and decorated and not quite real.  My friend was taken by her in an obvious way.  He and my date have the same birthday (not year) that was only days ago, so the waitress brought them a birthday desert.  Holy smokes, I've never had anything so good.  I don't even know what it was, but it was cold and sweet and delicious.  Why I didn't take a photo of it, I don't know.  Yes I do.  I was drunk.  But my point. . . well, I don't have any obvious point but that it was a very sensual evening filled with wonderful beers and sake and fishes of the sea and garlic edamame and seaweed salads and combo rolls that I can't even describe, the music hypnotic and enchanting, the room full of beautiful women (all the waitresses) and my beautiful and brilliant date. . . and now this morning getting the good news about my shower wall. . . .

I am feeling happy again. 

Now if I could only make some pictures. 

Oh. . . to wit. . . I made a bid on a Leica M 240 yesterday on eBay.  I lay in bed last night afraid that I would win and afraid that someone would outbid me.  They will.  There are two days left.  But what if no one else bids?  I cannot be happy either way.  And maybe I should have bid on a Leica M Monochrom anyway. 

One always thinks that a new camera will make a difference.  Sometimes it is true.  We'll see.

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