Sunday, July 5, 2015


Seems ridiculous to post a picture like this after posting Robert Frank.  I guess it is ridiculous. 

The weekend falls away on its own taking no notice of what happens or doesn't, time never to be recovered.  No record, no story, just the irretrievable flow of time. 

A trip to the beach followed by a trip home, a late night stop for ribs that weren't, a frozen pizza and piss-water beer on the couch watching "The Queen of Versailles," one of Laura Greenfield's paeans to greed and ugliness.  One must wonder how they were snookered into participating in that film, imagining Greenfield wetting herself every time they turned on the cameras.  Her head must have been spinning.  And then the economic crash and the unexpected storyline.  Some people are blessed. 

The last day of a long weekend.  I have done nothing of what I intended, attempted nothing, produced nothing.  Only the long, low hummmmmmmmmm. 

And so. . . the mantra. 

"It is better than so many other things. . . ohmmmmmmm."

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