Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thunder Moon

Another name for last night's full moon is the Thunder Moon.  It lived up to its name.  After a dinner of homemade Thai coconut soup, my friend and I walked to the lake to see the moon rise.  Nothing but clouds, but the wind was blowing the light above the clouds made the sky lovely.  And then the lightening and thunder.  We heard a voice a little ways down say, "Everybody off the dock," and the kids began to scatter.  "They will always remember that," I said, "their father telling them to get off the dock in the lightening storm."  We heeded his advice as well. 

Neither of us has been feeling well, so it was comfortable to sink into the couch and watch a movie while the thunder roared around us.  Full Thunder Moon. 

I am off for four days.  I have a birthday to celebrate--not mine.  I am not any better at birthdays than I am other holidays.  I don't celebrate well on demand.  A day at the spa is my gift.  Mimosas in the morning.  Lame?  Maybe, but it is something. 

I'm giving up my desire for another expensive camera.  I am going to buy a bunch of attachments for my iPhone.  There are a ton of cool ones.  All sorts of cases and lenses and editing apps.  I love taking pictures with my phone. 

But I love the little Leica, too, and will use it this weekend, I hope.  I want to photograph the celebration and maybe the hatching of turtle eggs at the beach, too.  But this is boring talk, and I am boring now, so I will leave and try to come back with something of a tale.  Perhaps and maybe. 

Saw these women on the Santa Fe square taking selfies.  I asked if I could take their picture.  They said sure.  Crazy ladies.  It's alright with me.

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