Friday, August 7, 2015

Bland Patter and Bad Photography

Yea, yea. . . more dumb pictures while trying to learn the camera.  I haven't set out on any real expeditions yet.  But from what I've learned so far, the camera is amazing.  Now it is up to the photographer.  No matter.  Street and documentary photography are just a form of snapshot photography--and I love snapshots.  I'll have to channel the good snapshot photographers throughout the ages. 

I could list them and start a really good fight.  Documentary photographers would certainly argue against their images being snapshots. 

But they are.  Robert Frank was an extremely good example. 

But I'm not looking for a fight today.  Just the opposite.  I don't feel well and have taken the day off from work.  It is physical.  It is emotional.  It is mental.  I'm exhausted in every way.  We've all been there.  This is no different, not special.  It is the extreme summertime blues.  You know? 

So this morning reading the paper online, I came to this (link) and realized what I need to do.  Provence.  I decided I will go in early September.  Look at the light.  Look at the buildings and interiors. Look at the people.  Casually put together chic.  Why do I live here?  That food.  The art.  I will begin to research the trip today. 

And then I won't go. 

But I feel better thinking I might.  If I do, it will be difficult to ever come back.  I've been to Provence before, but not for a very long while.  I've read all the schmaltzy books about the region.  And I like them.  Even the Mayle books. 

I want to go. 

I slept in and have been sitting too long now, and the wrecking crew will be here soon, so I must get up and straighten the house so that they will break as few things as possible.  I will go to the gym and go to the studio and look at it and think.  I will walk some part of town with the new camera and see if I can get my courage up or if I still make pictures of people from behind.  I have switched from a 35mm to a 50mm lens.  The way of shooting is different.  It will take some getting used to. 

But there will be no work and I will go to the beach this weekend and try to decompress and get healthy again.  All this bland patter and bad photography is reifying my status as. . . a hobbyist.

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