Friday, December 25, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas

It is a foggy Christmas morning here.  A Swinging Christmas iTunes radio station is playing in the background.  The tree is lit and the stockings unpacked.  Ili is drinking coffee with eggnog in it.  She made a delicious rum cake that we will eat in a bit.  My mother is making ham and deviled eggs and the rest for our Christmas Day dinner.  There is champagne soon and whatever else you might wish for.  I just opened "Esquire's Handbook for Hosting," a present from my buddy, and it is exciting Ili who wants to make all the recipes, both food and drink.  Drinks on the Boulevard with the misfits and elves was as magical as ever, late afternoon then dusk then dark, the cocktails festive and delicious.  No real presents this year but for crazy amounts of special foods from different markets around town. It was the easiest, most fun holiday ever.  Low expectations, total relaxation and enjoyment.  And there was "A Very Murray Christmas," too.

I'll post later today/tonight when everything is over and the messes are cleaned.  For now it is coffee and rum cake and shortbread and fog and music.

And so. . . Merry Christmas to all. . . .

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