Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lilies of the Field

I can't remember this photographer's name, but I like the picture.  It is silly and innocent and dangerous all at once.  If only. . . .

But I have to keep working at the factory.  I bought two Powerball tickets last night and didn't hit a single number.  I am lucky in some things and have no luck in others.  My life has been charmed, but I have been cursed to work.  I'd rather play with the lilies of the field forever.  I should have lived in France.  I think that is where this photograph was taken.  I know little about it or the photographer.

Jesus.  I am being beckoned from work.  I slept too late and am now compromised.  My time should be freer in a couple weeks.  Until then, there will be other people's photographs and short posts.  Such is the life of a working man.

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