Friday, June 17, 2016

100 Degrees of Madness

Y'all better start laying back some food, 'cause the crops ain't gonna grow.  If you're poor, get yourself lots of processed foods with plenty of preservatives.  Get things that will last a lifetime.  There is no way for all of us to survive with this weather.  I'm just saying.  It is LATE SPRING and the temperature here has hovered close to 100 degrees for days.  To counter it, we are all buying more powerful air conditioners to heat the world outside.  They keep cutting down trees to make room for more cheap apartments with big black parking lots.  Iceland, they say, and Denmark, Finland, Sweden--those are the safe places right now.  There will be food there.  Not for you, though.  I'm jumping ship and going while they will still let me in.  I'm marrying a Swedish woman and becoming naturalized.  No, Icelandic.  I don't know what I'm saying.  The heat has made me crazy.  I live in a town where everyone has gone mad.

I spend evenings with gin and tonics trying to find some peace.  Here is what I listened to for succor.  If you know of any other versions, please let me know.

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