Monday, July 25, 2016

Why Make Up New Stuff?

I told you so!  From CNN:

Donald Trump comes out of his convention ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

Trump expanded his lead with white voters who do not hold a college degree from a 51% to 31% lead before the convention to a 62% to 23% lead now.

He now holds double-digit margins over Clinton as more trusted on the economy and terrorism.

And most importantly:

Trump's wife, Melania, climbed from 27% pre-convention to 43% post-convention, despite news that her Monday night speech contained passages lifted from Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic convention speech.

Nobody cares about the pointy-headed intellectuals any more.  Academic honesty is not--let me repeat--is not going to help anyone in today's world market.  It is not going to help us compete against China or Russia or any other crooked country.

I mean, have you ever tried to write something?  It's hard.  All the words have been used up.  If you find something you like, take it.  

N-O-B-D-O-D-Y cares.  

Anyway, Trump went to an Ivy League school.  He's smart.  Everybody knows it.  And he owns a college.  An expensive college.  A really expensive college.  And his graduations rates are phenomenal.  

Hillary is set to make a comeback, though.  Those dirty Russian sonsofbitches have outed her party gal Wassermann, but old Hill is sticking by her.  Double down.  She's got her base.  They aren't going anywhere.  

Whatever.  I'm done with that.  I've slept away another weekend, reading in between naps and watching too much t.v.  Another workweek begins.  It's back to the factory for me.  That's a safe, predictable bet.  I'm getting too old to take chances.  Don't bother looking for me in Rio.  

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