Wednesday, August 24, 2016

No Restraint

And yet. . . I don't stop.

From this (link):
“We are not in an analog culture but in a digital culture. And no one really travels any more.” Instead we fly from Point A to Point B, with nothing in between. The Beats operated at a certain tempo, as the name implies. Digital is instantaneous.
 I remember traveling.  It took time, not standing in lines waiting to have your carryon checked, not in order to be frisked and x-rayed, but standing with your thumb out on the side of a road or highway not knowing what the next few miles might bring.  I remember the long, reflective hours on Greyhound buses, crossing the country there and back again.  I remember making collect phone calls from pay phones in bars and restaurants and street corners, brief conversations so as not to run up the bill.  I remember looking forward to the next unknown thing.

There seems much more danger lurking in the digital world, the instantaneous blow-up, ruination at the speed of light.

And still we do it because. . . it is difficult not to.

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