Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Leaf on a Tree

This photo comes from a friend in Paris.  He is not a photographer.  He took this with his phone.  He is also no longer in Paris.  This is a vacation photo.  When he sent it to me, I thought it was a photo by some photographer he found and liked on the internet.  I envy this photo.

I give up.

I haven't taken a photo this good in years.  I really haven't taken any good photos for a long, long time.  That part of my life has been repressed.  I have cameras, but that is all.  I don't know if I can make a good picture any longer.

That is the way things go.  Such is life.

I truly believe that I have lost my talent for almost everything.  I can't think of a single area where I feel confidence any longer.  I am drifting into the background, a leaf on a tree in a picture of a forest.

He wasn't even trying.  He was simply sitting at a cafe table having coffee.

Rather, a leaf on a tree in a movie frame.  The camera pulls out, the leaves becoming indistinct until a single figure comes into focus in the foreground.

A new hero.

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