Friday, April 14, 2017

A Living Beckett Vision

Jesus.  Look at this photograph.  A big old medium format camera with a flash attachment.  And film.  Makes you want to just get an old film camera and go out and shoot, doesn't it?  Well, you can't photograph the past.

But Jesus.  Life can be so bad, and then something like this comes along, and suddenly you want to live.  A vodka and tonic in the last hour of daylight after a long and terrible day.  The promise of a quiet evening and a good meal.

Once again. . . you've escaped.

*   *   *   *   *   

Morning comes again, though, and the world comes rushing back.  There are cows to milk and beans to grind and all the trappings of the living, working day.

Bombs away!

Drink the coffee.  Eat some bran.  Take your vitamins and milk thistle.  They deliver the mulch for the driveway today.  It is a Good Friday.  The obligatory Easter weekend.

I never wanted to live like a Beckett character.  I barely liked reading that stuff.

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