Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nature's Way

I like this photo shown backwards this way.  It looks more like London than NYC.  Reversing things produces a strange quality.  Do it with pictures of your face.  You will think it odd.  That is what happens in mirror selfies, I guess, that reversal.  I've looked at this photograph both ways and prefer this version.


But the whole world's gone mad.  Nature rebels (link).  C.C. sent me that link this morning.  It is part of our own weird conversation about the New War of the Sexes.  It is a weird war where you are not allowed to agree, you can only surrender.  Look.  It used to be so much good fun.

I'm going for a walk, then I will buy some Christmas plants--what the hell are they called?--and put them in the planters on the front stoop.  And tonight, dinner with my mother.  I'll let you know tomorrow what happened in between.  It won't be much, though.  I am in my winter torpor, eating fruit cakes and moving little.  It is nature's way.

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