Saturday, February 17, 2018

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

I watched some of the Olympics last night.  Nostalgic, I guess.  How can you not?  But my attempt didn't last long.  The Olympics are staged so that companies can advertise products.  The ratio of athletic competition to commercial advertisements has to be ten to one.  Or vice versa.  I couldn't take it.  It is why I can't watch sports any more. 

Conversely, I was sad to read about the death of Jim Bridwell (link).  He was the opposite of a commercial athlete.  He was the craziest of crazies.  I didn't "know" him, but I would meet him once or twice a year at outdoor events in the west.  He seemed to like me and said hello when we ran into one another.  One year, we talked about doing a documentary of his life and climbing career, but we didn't stay in touch and nothing ever came of it (story of my life). 

He lived the rattiest rock climber life.  I met his wife.  The two of them lived in a broke down trailer.  Their clothes were hand-me-downs.  He just couldn't make or hold onto money, it seemed.  He tried working as a climbing guide for Exxum in Wyoming for awhile, but one of his clients buckled his Chouinard harness incorrectly and took a long fall that seriously injured him.  He sued, but since Bridwell had no money, he sued Chouinard for not putting a warning on its buckle.  Unbelievably, he won.  Chouinard had to sell the company and Bridwell. . . well, he didn't guide any more. 

But Bridwell was a well-known figure. 

“Adventure and excitement are the two things missing from civilization.  Danger keeps you on your toes.”

My lost point, however, is that he didn't climb for the money. 

Or maybe it would be better observed to say that the point is that I kinda sorta knew Jim Bridwell and that makes me think I'm cool.

Yea, I guess that's it. 

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