Monday, February 19, 2018

Hooky Maybe

I was wrong.  I fell in love with the Sony aRii yesterday.  I put a 28mm lens on it and made myself walk around the market in the park.  I shot with the lens wide open without knowing it which makes the autofocus a bit tricky, but it performed like a champ.   It focused more quickly than I thought it could.  I never put the camera to my eye, just shot from the chest or the hip.  I was amazed.  When I looked at the images in the camera, the colors popped.  They looked almost 3D.  I don't need to buy a Leica Q.  I don't need to buy anything.  I'm pretty happy now.

Ili is out of town, so last night I was able to process pictures after dinner with my mother.  Just sitting and listening to music and working on pictures.  It was fun.  Oh. . . and drinking.  I woke up early this morning and now I am sleepy.  And I'm thinking.  I'll check my calendar to see, but if there is nothing important, I may stay home and not go to the factory today.  That is very, very appealing.

I could pull weeds.  That is what I've done for part of the weekend.  It is definitely Spring here now.  The weeds tell the tale.  They know.  There are plenty still to pull.  And if I felt industrious, I might buy six azalea plants to replace the ones I am going to take out.  They have gotten old and thin and leggy.  And I could pay my bills and find someone to pressure wash the house.  These things all must be done, and today could be the day to do them.

And, of course. . . a nap.  I would love to nap today while the factory workers toil.  It would make me feel better, I think.

I could also play with pictures.  The ones I am showing are almost straight out of the camera.  I did some Lightroom tweaks, sharpening and exposure mostly, but I haven't tried anything in Photoshop.  I've added no texture layers or anything else that would give them "a look."

I made a few black and whites, but only a few, and this was the most complicated thing I did.  I struggle with aesthetics of the conversion.  I know others don't, but it seems to me that a thing shot in color should be color.  Most of my black and white images are shot that way.  I like not having to make those decisions.

O.K.  I will look at my work schedule and see if I can play hooky today.  I have pretty much made up my mind, though.  It seems like the right thing to do.

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