Friday, March 16, 2018

Such Is Life

The town's big Art Festival begins today and runs all weekend.  It used to be my favorite time of year, but satnav has made this once beautiful hamlet a tourist destination, and this weekend it will be overrun with the hoi-poloi.  That's o.k., though.  I'll make hay with my camera.

The worst part of it is that I will be missing my favorite party of the year.  It is my favorite because the entertainment is usually a Django Rheinhardt gypsy trio.  I take a seat in front of them until I get up to leave.  But my secretary is getting married that night, so I will go to another town and sit with people I don't know for a couple hours.  I'm sure there will be music, but most likely it will not be anything I like.

Such is life.

Ili and I have a garden that is beginning to grow.  It is Ili's first, and she is amazed that it works.  She thinks it weird that you can cut up a potato and put it in the ground and it will make a lot more potatoes.  The same with garlic.  The same with the stump at the end of celery.  All of it, even that seeds grow, seem somewhat unlikely.  I sure hope it works.

I thought the sick season was over and had started eating out again, but suddenly half the people at work are sick with a variety of things.  It is not all flu.  Yesterday I began to feel punky, but I hope I am fighting whatever it is off.

I only want a happy and healthy life.  I will change my ways.  You will see.  You will see.

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