Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I Need Help

I should probably write tonight as I have to be at the factory at the crack of dawn to watch the new CEO give a presentation.  Hideous.  But such are the wages of sin.  Then, as the rest of the workers attend breakout meetings, I shall make a quick exit to take care of business before I leave for Cali.  I have to sign my tax form and give a big check to my tax guy.  I will need to see my mother.  I guess I should have dinner with her since I won't see her for a week and will have to eat anyway.  But there is little to do to get ready now.  I packed my bags, both camera and clothing, so all I have to do is get up, get a ride, and go.  I am sick with nerves, but so it goes.  It is time to get internal, to slow down, to think only about what I want to do.  It should be a glorious time.  That is what I keep telling myself, anyway.

It is morning now.  I didn't get far with this post last night.  I didn't sleep well, either.  Pre-trip nerves, I guess.  How, when, and why did I become such a baby?  I've always been this way, so I guess the answer would have to be, "at birth."  It is part and parcel of who I am, overly-sensitive and like my father, a real worrier.  I come by it genetically.  Don't picture him as a frail fellow wringing his hands.  He was a big, manly guy who just thought it his duty to control the variables of the world.  It all came to rest on his shoulders.  Same here.  The worry stops here. 

I'm such a putz. 

Give you an example.  I've packed practically every small camera I have.  Here's the list:

Leica M10
Leica Monochrom
Leica M7
Sony A7 RII
Sony A7 SII
Olympus XA
Olympus XA-4
Fuji X-100f
Ricoh GR


Leica 35mm
Leica 50mm
Leica 28mm
Voigtlander 21mm
Sony 28mm
Sony 35mm
Sony 50mm
Sony 85mm
Sony 24-70 zoom

It all fits into one medium-sized camera backpack.  I packed my Canon 5D iii and its lenses in there and it filled the whole thing.  But I am stupid to take all those cameras with me.  I need to make some choices.  That, however, is not my strong suit.  Jesus--that's 10 cameras! 

I only packed one pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts though and a t-shirt for every day.  I am really packed light. 

This must fascinate you.  Seriously, why would I tell you this?  I'm not.  I'm journaling, making a record for myself.  Why?  Just proving I once existed, I guess.  Who knows what future archeologists will be interested in. 

I'll probably take most of my pictures with my phone.  If I were brave, I'd put the Fuji, the Ricoh, and the two Olympus cameras into a teeny tiny bag and go with just that.  They would fit in half a small purse.  But I don't have the nerve. 

I have nothing interesting to say.  I am writing to fill the void, but I am only increasing its volume, so I will stop.  I have much to do at work before I leave. 

Nice picture, though.


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