Monday, December 31, 2018

The Annual Cycle

One thing gives over to another.  Old story.  New tricks.  There is a simplistic finality to it.  The last bite of an ice cream cone.  A new flavor.

In a couple days, I will return to work at the factory.  I will be assumed normal.  I am not.  I do not have the juice for a whole day.  No drive.  I cannot conceive of independent projects or deeds.  I want them.  I do.  I must solve this.  I must think.

A short entry, this.  I hope you are preparing.  I am.  In which case there is not so much for which to prepare.

I shot this at the hipster coffee shop.  The dog was eating ice cream out of the cup held by a happily screaming girl.  It was too good not to put the Monochrom on.  Everything is off, the shutter speed, the focus, the ISO.  Still. . . it has a quality.

Until next year. . . .

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