Monday, February 4, 2019

Chinese New Year

I won't speak of Maroon Five (or whatever they're called), of football and such.  Yesterday was the Chinese New Year, whatever that means.  All I know is that it was another weird and lazy day for me.  I can sleep forever it seems.  All I have to do is lie down and close my eyes.  It is an escape, perhaps.

My license tag was out of date on February 1.  I meant to renew it that day, but time ran out, so I put it off until today, Monday.  Yesterday while driving to the grocery store, I saw a cop in my rear view mirror.  "Great," I said to Ili.  "He'll pull me over."

The light turned green and I went straight.  So did he.  I put on my blinker to turn into the grocery store parking lot.  So did he.  I drove very slowly and stopped at all the appropriate places so that my car did the old kickback.  I turned up an aisle to park.  He put on the flashing blues.  He approached the car as they always do, like a cat burglar, speaking to me from the rear fender.  Turning left for me is not impossible, but it is awful.  I must have looked monstrous as I tried to peer back at him.

"Does your window roll down?"

"It could," I chuckled.

"Is this your vehicle?"


"What's your first name?"


"Wait a minute.  Something's wrong."

I was proffering my driver's license.

"This tag came up as belonging to. . . ."  He said a woman's name.  "Let me check again."

Seems he was off by one digit.  He was very polite in apologizing for pulling me over.  I had to laugh.  He didn't notice the outdated tag. 

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