Monday, April 1, 2019

A Man of a Certain Age

Sick weekend.  Did little.  Watched Ili pot some plants, put some in the garden.  Bought more bird food, hangers.  Whistled to the birds.  Watched the Monarch, Little Chrissy, mate.  She has stayed around and is feeding.  We are certain it is her.  She will give us more Monarchs.  More bird species come.  A hummingbird hung around a long while.  The cardinals become more tame.  The squirrel who built the nest is starting to get thick.  I spread fertilizer on the lawn and shrubs, then sprayed Miracle Grow.  It is.  Barely ate.  Drank tea.  Slept.  Did nothing.

I wait to see what will happen.  The future is uncertain.  Mine.  The roofing contractor has not called me back.  Everything is problematic.

I must give up if I am to go on, just give up on many things.  There is me, and there is the world.  The world is great.  I grow smaller and more alone.  It is what happens.

I sent this article to Q (link).  He is reaching the vicinity of "a man of a certain age," so to speak.  Ili  tells me I am such a man and that laws protect me from physical attack.  I will get a t-shirt that says so.


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