Saturday, June 15, 2019

All Things Visual

It's Flag Day, I think.  Patriotism abounds.  All things red, white, and blue.


I've been working with the 8x10 camera.  I took it apart.  I'd forgotten how to, if I ever knew.  I was scared that I would break something.  After I got it apart, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it back together.  But I did.  Took a portrait of Ili sitting by the window.  Used five year old Impossible color film that has been sitting in the garage.  It worked, but the colors were very faded.  I rather liked it.

A new box of color film came yesterday.  The color should be vibrant.  I will try some today.

And I got back scans of four 8x10 negatives I sent to California for processing.  It worked.

It costs me about $20 a shot to take 8x10 images--if I do it right.  This little experiment might not last long.  Still. . . .

It has been gray here, so I have been shooting with my Leica Monochrom.  Black and white is good in pale light, or at least better than color.  I think.  Maybe.

O.K.  Saturday.  I am ready to start the day.  Here's to the visual.

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