Sunday, June 2, 2019


June roared in like a heat furnace.  It is HOT.  Ninety-six yesterday, but with humidity, they say, it felt like one hundred and one.  There is only one strategy that works in this weather.  You must do whatever it is you plan to do early, have lunch and some wine, then sleep.  And I did.  All afternoon.  At four, you go to your favorite little hipster place for a cappuccino and then begin planning dinner. 

I thank the gods that I got a new air conditioner.  

I may quit going to the hipster coffee bar, however.  They don't seem to like me.  They like Ili fine, but they scowl at me.  

"They don't like me," I said to Ili.  "Maybe they think I'm creepy.  That's the way these fucks are.  They like talking to the fat Star Wars crowd next to us."  

The barrister or whatever the coffee makers are called, an attractive girl with plenty of piercings and tattoos, took our order but never came back.  Almost no one did.  We sat at the bar right in front of them but couldn't get anyone to bring our check.  

"Let's just leave," Ili said.  For once, I was the careful prudent one.  

Oh, I forgot.  I also went to the pool yesterday.  I swam.  Sort of.  But it was swimming.  I get better all the time.  

Then Wagyu steaks.  I think that's what they were called.  Ili got them.  She said the hipster at the meat market snuck them in for her.  

"Don't tell anyone, but they made a mistake and put some Wagyu steaks in here.  I'll pick them out for you."  

O.K.  The dirty little hipsters like her plenty.  

I got an offer to teach photography at an art school yesterday.  When I leave the factory, there is another low paying job waiting for me.  It is exciting, though.  I would be teaching alternative film stuff.  You know--Make Photography Difficult Again.  

So this morning, before the heat is overwhelming, I am going to make some pictures with my 8x10 camera.  That's about as difficult as it gets.  I will develop the b&w and see how I do.  If I do well, I will order some 8x10 Polaroid color film and some 8x10 glass plates.  I like throwing away my money.  

I like the idea of today's photo.  I didn't quite nail it from the hip, but it reminds me of a good picture.  

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