Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Until Then

I found this picture when I was purging thousands of images from my hard drive.  It is a film scan from a few years ago.  Q has become so wildly popular with his own dog pics, I figured I might get into the game, too.  Hippie dog fest. 

I'm packed for S.F.  I'll repack tonight.  In my sleep, I remembered all the things I forgot to pack and changed my mind about others.  I keep thinking, "half the clothes, twice the money."  I will have the same clothes on in every picture from the trip.

Just for those of you who actually worry about me, I am getting better all the time, I think.  Six weeks ago, I tried to do a push up.  I was successful.  I try to do push ups about twice a week, each time increasing by one.  Yesterday I did fifteen.  Other things, too.  I'm not done improving.  Seriously, I am coming along quite well, I think.  I even believe that the fatigue I experience will pass. 

Better every day. 

Well, kids, this might be the last post for about ten days.  I will not have a computer in S.F.  I may post a few pics from my phone without much narrative.  I'll try. 

So, as Q likes to say, until then. . . .

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