Monday, July 22, 2019


Other photographers.  Man.  This photo is by Colette Lukassen.  She lives in the Netherlands, of course.  I am interested in other people's reaction to it.  She really captured something here.  It puts you on edge, maybe, or it is just a summer snapshot.  Much, if not most, of photography is access.  Good photography, I mean.  The memorable ones.  You can't photograph it if you aren't there.  I don't have access to anything anymore.  Just the house, the car, some lawn furniture.  If I don't find something interesting to photograph soon. . . .

I've said it before. 

I resent people with access who do not make use of it.  Not resent, really.  It is more a jealous resentment. 

Give me your children, your criminals, your miscreants.  Something.  Anything. 


My hat is off to Ms. Lukassen, of course. 

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