Monday, July 29, 2019

Road to Ruin

I made a mistake and read the paper today.  I make that mistake daily.  I must stop it, and I will as soon as I get a new laptop.  When I do, I will write instead of pursuing the daily news.  Today I learned that I have a good opportunity to be killed by mosquitoes in my own hometown.  Mosquitoes,  I know, kill more humans than anything else on the planet, but today in the Times it was estimated that they are responsible for the deaths of half of the human population in history.  There are plenty of mosquitoes around my house.  My chances seem dim.

And there is a recession right around the corner if not already here.  There are indicators.  Sure. Just as I prepare to quit working.  Houses in my neighborhood are not selling.  Again, I am doomed.

Although there might come a chance to pick up a cheap studio again.

I was going to make a lot of 4x5 and 8x10 pictures this weekend, but I was lazy and didn't want to have to gear up.  There is a lot of gearing up to make large format pictures, especially if you are trying paper negatives, glass plate, and Polaroid.  I took naps instead.  Lots of them.

It may be a sign of depression.

Bad times are coming, they say.  I mean worse.  I need to quit reading the news.  I've already quit watching it.  Ili just got a new laptop.  Now I am motivated.  Reading and writing and pictures.  That's the road to ruin for me.

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