Thursday, August 1, 2019


I haven't taken a picture since I got home from vacation.  I've been responsible.  I've made appointments, met obligations, etc.  This is supposed to be its own reward, I guess, but I am of the less practical type.  I want to hang out in the cafes with my new Airbook and my Leica.  Jesus.  How could I be cooler?

I will be practical, though, and trim my fingernails tonight.  They tap against the keyboard as I write.  If you haven't used a Mac keyboard, you must try it.  It is different.

I'm finding, though, that just having the laptop doesn't give me any better ideas about what to write.  I thought my lack of creativity was due to a technical problem.  Wasn't I more clever when I had a laptop before?  I probably only thought so.

I get beautified tonight.  As always (or maybe even more so now), it is a lot of work.  I will be there for hours.  What is wrong with me.  Q never writes about getting beautified.  I don't even know if he goes to a barber or if he just runs the clippers over his head.  I work too much at vapid things, but I've had some good mentors in this department.  It began with Brando who used to get his hair and beard blackened.  I thought it was funny.  He would often come out looking like Bluto from the Popeye cartoons.  At some point in his later life, after he got a fairly permanent girlfriend, he let it all go and went grey, then white.  His personality changed completely.  It wasn't for the good.  He let himself drift further and further into old age, and I am sure it was giving up the trips to the beauty parlor.

I think we must maintain the illusion.  Almost everything is.  And so, for you, I will sacrifice myself to hours in the chair so that I might continue to be charming.

Aren't I charming?

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