Friday, August 23, 2019

Urgent Care

We ate a lot of sushi last night and drank a lot of sake.  Sinful amounts of each.  And then we came home, put on some music, and danced.  Nope, not the way you might be thinking.  It was a bit of crazy dancing.  If we hadn't, I wouldn't know as well that my left arm won't swing around above my head any more.  Not easily or gracefully, anyway.  I will work on that.

And then there is this morning.  There is always that.

And, as always, the factory whistle beckons.  Not for long, though.  Soon I will be finished with all that.  I've known my next door neighbor since I was in my twenties.  Not well, be well enough.  We had mutual friends.  He is retired now.  Yesterday as I drove by his house, he was working in the yard.  I rolled down my window and yelled, "Four more months."  He laughed and waved.  It didn't look like he missed working, but who knows.  

I have lots of work to do around the house.  There will be lots of projects.  I like that I can put them off now with that justification.  Who knows how I'll feel when the time comes.

My college roommate came by my office the other day.  He's hobbling with two replaced hips, probably due to our incessant basketball playing far, far too long.  He asked me what I did for fun.  My secretary was in the room, and she piped up, "He makes everything fun."

I think it is true.

I told this to the fellow who will probably take my job when I leave (he is already measuring the curtains, as they say).  He said that studies show that people are either happy or unhappy.  I wanted to know if this was socially conditioned or if it was genetic.  He said it was just a basic character trait.  Hmm.  I am a happily melancholic.  Is that a category?

But I do like to make things fun.

Dinner and dancing last night were fun, but I am feeling it this morning.  That's why I posted today's picture.  You will need to look closely.

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