Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Binary Couple

I snuck a picture with humans in it in Paris.  Didn't turn out well, but I don't have much else other than family snapshots.  It is nice enough, lovers kissing, an old alleyway, pretty colors, etc.

I've been staying away from politics here.  There is no winning with that.  I can't put out the apocalypse with a fire extinguisher.  While the last great forests of the world are burning, people worry about gender and sexuality, some trying hard to identify new categories to define them in the spectrum of possibility.  It's O.K. with me, as Phillip Marlowe often said in Robert Altman's "The Long Goodbye."  Along with "The Life Aquatic," it is one of my favorite films.

Oops.  I stray.  Let's talk about me and what I like and think.

I think I'll start writing some tales about my life, tall tales, you may think, but all true no matter how fantastic.  They will not be about me but about people I've encountered.  It will take time.  These might have to wait until I am completely done at the factory.  But that is my plan.  Stay tuned.

But now. . . a meeting is in the immediate offing.  I must away.

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