Friday, October 18, 2019


Where was I?  Oh, yea. . . just bumping around.  Soon, though, I will find my footing.  I thought about options yesterday, things of which I am capable.  Of which I hope I'm capable, anyway.

Or I can just enjoy myself and do nothing. That's an option, too. It is the one I chose yesterday, and it seemed a good one.

I went to the photo store yesterday to pick up some printing paper.  It is fun because staff all know me and think I might be good at something.  They treat me so, anyway.  I've been asked to teach photography at an art school which should keep my status up for a bit.  If I decide to do it.

It is so easy to do nothing.

I call it doing nothing, but I am doing "some things."  I have been trying to let go of my anger.  I started with driving in traffic and have moved to losing my anger in crowds.  It is more that I am trying to exert more control over my internal environment and not let the outer world decide how I feel.  I am getting back to my old Zen practices.  I have fallen a looooonnnnnngg way from them, so it is a good long journey back.  The world has changed much in the past years, and I have let myself change with it.  Of course.  It is necessary.  But I am looking toward more gentle ways.

Besides. . . what choice do I have?  The world is a mad and violent place.  I don't want to be part of the loonies.

My college roommate wrote me today asking, "Whatever happened to the 60s? Don't see much of it among so-called Boomers. They were more likely to vote Trump."

Well, I said, first of all, most of them didn't like tofu.  Then Nixon killed a bunch of protesters the rest of them ran to the discos and did cocaine.  I do know what happened, but I can't tell him.  I don't want to argue.  I sent him this article (link) and told him they were after him now.


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