Monday, November 11, 2019

Sunny South

Back in the sunny south.  Boy, is the weather nice.  I'm not going anywhere for the next few months.  It is just too pretty here now.  It is stupid to leave vacationland for somewhere else unless you are going snow skiing.  I'm not, I don't think.  I'm still too afraid to fall.  So it will be beaches and palm trees for me.  You will be here sometime this winter for a few days, I know.  You will need to escape the dark.

My tire went flat before we went to Detroit.  AAA came out to tow it, but when the fellow put air in it, it held, so I drove it up to the Firestone station to get it plugged, but they said the tire was too old. What?!  Last night at dinner (my mother cooked a good roast), my mother said that she had a nail in her tire and had to get it fixed.  We talked about my tire.  She had bought them one Christmas as a present.  How long ago was that?  Oh, Jesus, she said, you haven't gotten any tires since then?  She didn't really say Jesus, but it has been seven years.  She is buying me new tires as a Christmas present this year.  They are big and expensive, and I know that my car will quit running as soon as we put them on, but I am not ready to buy a new car, so I will get them today.

Good old mom.

Don't worry.  I'm a good son.  I am buying her a new iphone for her birthday and a new Apple laptop for Christmas.

I guess I'll need to get something nice for Ili, too.

I'm spending all my money before I retire.  It is best to start retirement broke.  Which reminds me, I took the senior discount at the museum in Detroit, and yesterday AARP sent me my membership present, a tote bag in one of those old people prints.  Of course, Ili loves it.

The photo is another from 1978.  Mm-mm, boiled peanuts.  Nothing quite says beer like those.

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