Friday, December 27, 2019


My emotions are considerably tied to the weather.  I often don't do well with gloomy days.  It has been gloomy here for quite a spell now.  Gloom seeps into my pores and into my bones.  I am gloomy.

Today (or tomorrow), I will begin to change my diet.  I don't have a bad diet now, but I am going to make it better.  It is just the one everybody knows we should eat--fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc.  I already eat that way, but I also eat a lot of animals, and I eat pastries many mornings.  I have some tempting me right now.  They are good with coffee and fill up the hollow space that the coffee seems to produce.  Sucks up the acid or something.  But I won't buy any more of them.  Not until I do one day.  But I don't plan to.  Nope.

I had been thinking of going on a fish taco and beer diet.  That sounds very good to me, but the weather seems all wrong for that.  Fish tacos and beer need sunshine.

I am awfully tired of the end of the world, the depletion of the ocean's ability to sustain us, the megatons of plastic that we throw away, global warming, pesticides and other terrible chemicals that we contact every day.  It has worn me out because it is too big for me to stop.  My mother's generation is living very long, but she told me that the average lifespan was in decline.  I can believe that given the environment in which people are growing up.

Still. . . new people look good.  They are very beautiful and handsome.

I can't change the world, so I'll change my diet.  That will have to be enough for now.  If I can't do that, how can I expect to save the planet?

As I said, gloom has settled in.  I feel catatonic, but I will try to move.  I will take a walk or maybe more.  And I'll probably eat that pastry.  Waste not, they say.

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