Tuesday, December 17, 2019


There is an Impeach Trump rally here today.  It is going to rain.  I wanted to go and take photographs, but I am old and lazy and don't want to go out in bad weather.  What a show.  Is it making CNN and FOX money?  I think more people have quit watching the news than have been drawn to it.  News?  What am I saying?  The only place you might get some news any longer is on BBC.  Boris Johnson wants to cut their funding.  They are his version of Fake News or the Boris Bashing Corporation.  I am a bit of an Anglophile, but it seems they are not that much brighter than us Americans.  I would become a Francophile, but come on.

My real fear is all that is not getting done in Congress right now, including this.

Maybe there are too many elected teetotalers right now.  What the hell.  It would be good for me.

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