Thursday, June 11, 2020


I'm fucking up, just like I fucked up this photo.  It was a perfectly lovely photo, but I wanted to experiment a bit.  I'm not through with it.  I have other ideas.  But ideas are what get me into trouble. My ideas have decimated this blog.  I have diminished its returns.

But I tell myself I am doing it for me.  Still. . . .

I am watching this right now (link).  You might want to watch it with the sound turned off.  Visually, it is lovely.  The entire thing, as far as I can tell thus far, is composed of recreations of Hopper paintings.  Incredibly, they have done a good job.  The colors are slightly off, but the lighting is almost perfect.  The dialog, however, is. . . not so good.  But I love the actors.  They look as if they stepped out of a Hopper painting.  She, fleshy and strong, he slight and wan.  Other characters are right as well.  I am only a third of the way through its, but I am amazed that such a thing was financed and produced.  There are still miracles in the world.  I just searched for "Edward Hopper," and after several good docs, this came up.  It is just buried on YouTube, if I am accurate.  I may not be, though.  You may have all heard of it before.

* * * 

I finished the movie.  It was a treat in spite of the music and the audio production overall which was flat and amateurish.  But the visuals could hardly have been better.  I may watch it again with the sound off and this playing. 

For some reason, I can't insert the video, so you'll have to use the link.  

I didn't really fuck up the photo.  I just experimented with some ideas.  It is leading me to more ideas, so it is good.  I made a trip to the art supply store yesterday, and I have new supplies.  I have plenty of good stuff with which to work.  

I just need somebody with whom to play.  

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