Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Sucker Born Every Minute

Blogger has changed to a new format that I must get used to.  I may make some mistakes for awhile.  Just so you know.  It seems that the "Preview" button isn't working, so I won't know what my post looks like until it is posted.  

I shared a new story today about cicadas that have become infected with a fungus that acts like LSD in their system, and while it destroys the bottom half of their body, they don't know it and they become little sexual demons who like to mimic the opposite sex like a lot of old gender bending, acid taking hippies (link).  What I got back from an old pal who hasn't lived in town for about twenty years was interesting.  

This reminds me, not sure why, of your counter to Earnest Angley and his send me Jesus money. You come on as the devil with a phone book in hand and randomly choose names from the book for eternal damnation if they haven’t sent tribute. You could have a daily blog distributing depressing or deeply troubling stories to start the day. You could also co-market with despair.com.

I've tried to keep most people I know from hearing about the blog.  It would have done me no good at work, of course, and when people I know read the blog, I can't write about them.  That really cuts out the majority of my interesting stories.  Q faults me for "living in the Bat Cave," but for me, it is better this way.  

I wrote back to my friend, "Uh. . . I'll use that on my blog today."  Indeed, he is the one who should write a blog.  He is far more clever than I.  But so are most of my friends.  

Here's a quick clip to Ernest Angely for those of you who never knew of him (link).  I can't find any videos of him healing the sick, but man, that little fellow was something.  When I first came across him back in the '70s, I couldn't get enough.  That soft talking little fellow would fly off the handle and slap and punch the devil out of people. They would fall down into the arms of his "catchers" and be healed.  The deaf could hear.  The paralyzed could walk.  I'd never seen anything like it.  He was a forerunner of much to come.  Later on, there was another healer, Benny Hinn, who was based right here in my own hometown.  A fellow I hired to work in the video department later went to work filming his ministries around the world.  An M.D. who I played basketball with (he played college ball and was really good) on Saturdays was a real Christian, and he went to work for Benny Hinn, too.  Several of the fellows from the gym got jobs "catching" for him, too.  He was probably the richest of all the faith healers up to that time, but I don't think he would ever have had a chance if not for Ernest Angley.  

Of course they both got into trouble because they couldn't keep their peters in their pants, like many well-known evangelists, and they lost their flocks.  Selavy.  

But I was inspired, and I told my friends that I was going to start a t.v. ministry in which I held up the phone book from different cities across America, and I would randomly select names warning that if they didn't donate to Christ today, they would face eternal damnation.  Tell me, now, would I not have made a fortune?  

Oh, I used to be full of good ideas.  I'm an idea man.  

Fear, despair, and hope.  These are the formula for taking money from the throng.  

Or becoming president. 

"There's a sucker born every minute."  P.T. Barnum. 

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