Sunday, February 19, 2023

Falling in Love Again. . . And Again. . . And Again

A stolen picture, not mine, a parting tribute to Edward Hopper, I think, the incredible iPhone.  They do magic.  

I can't get yesterday's song out of my head (link).  I've listened to it many times since I posted it.  I had never heard it until yesterday.  For those of you who do not know, however, it is a song Marlene Dietrich made famous.  I feel badly for those of you who are not familiar with films like "Morocco," "Blue Angel," and "Shanghai Express."  Dietrich, along with "Morocco" co-star Gary Cooper, became a great friend of Hemingway.  Rumor has it that they were lovers, but that, I think, has never been substantiated.  I watched an interview with Dietrich at the age of 70 yesterday.  She was still beautiful.  She must have had some "work," but it surely isn't obvious.  For those of you with time and curiosity. . . (link).  

Still, I prefer the John Prine version of the song, and as I say, I can't get it out of my head.  It is, I think, just marvelous.  But you MUST watch "Blue Angel" if you have never seen it (link).  I mean if you have any moxie in you at all.  I can recommend the novel "Blue Angel," too, by Francine Prose.  I haven't read it for many, many years, but I remember it being good.  I think I will read it again to make certain.  It was a finalist for The National Book Award which is one of the finest literary awards given (much, much better than the Pulitzer), so. . . (link).   

Oh, "The Red Dust," too, is a wonderful movie with Clark Gabel and Jean Harlow (link).  

I just like the bad old days, I guess, before people were so depressed and suicidal.  I keep reading about it. Teens. Bad juju.  They are products of screens, climate change, and social media they say.  Many report that there families are online communities, not the ones at home.  Online opinions, online approval.  I can understand it. It is the world we've made, or let be made.  Cha$$$$Ching.  I find it fascinating, however, that tech moguls severely limit their children's time online.  They give them analog things.  It reminds me that doctors eschew medical treatment and prescription drugs as much as possible. 

If there is a God, I assume he looks like this. 

I should probably watch the "Top Gun" movies instead of those old, pre-code films. Every cock boy I know can recite them line for line.  

I, however, prefer a marvelous film like "First Cow" which has barely been seen (link).  

The serious nerds love the Marvel Movie Universe.  "Ant Man," I guess.  I'd rather watch (link).  Or even (link).  

But that is just me being a superior dick in the way that has never won me friends nor influenced people.  

Ideology is for suckers.  

That's a lot of links, I think.  I recommend that you not bother with any of them.  

The sun is up and I'm thinking breakfast, one of those heart-clogging kind.  If I hurry, I can beat the crowd.  I'm fixing dinner for my mother tonight.  She wanted that 15 bean combo.  I will cook them with four big pork chops, onions, salt, pepper, red pepper, and wine.  My mouth is already watering.  

Here's the original version of "Falling in Love," but I swear Prine's version is the one that sticks in my head.  Still. . . . 

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