Sunday, February 12, 2023

"Love" Language


Dear God--Thank You!!!!  

I just deleted EVERYTHING I wrote about that article (see link) FOR A THIRD TIME.  I am not up to writing a fourth post now.  I've been at this for hours.  

I guess I am in "a mood" this morning.  I should have mimosas and listen to samba then go back to bed. 

This is one of the old pictures from the wayback that no longer exists.  I met her at the boardwalk on Coney Island.  It was a warm late November day.  She thought I was a native.  I guess I picked up the accent from t.v. and movies.  For some reason, I was flattered.  

It was fun in the wayback when people let you take their photograph.  

O.K.  That's all I got.  Be glad.  You would not have liked the other stuff at all.  

I'll leave the original title, though.  

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